Campo Maior

Transfers of Possession

1220 - 1260

Transfer of Possession

Donated to the Diocese of Badajoz some time after its liberation from Muslim forces

Building Activity

Date of Known Existance

(No Date) First settled by Gallo-Celtic peoples


Reconstruction Date

Raised to a village by Afonso X of Castile and Leon


Reconstruction Date

Reconstructed under Dinis I of Portugal following granting of a charter


Reconstruction Date

Enlarged defenses, creation of fence around entire town during the reign of Joao II of Portugal


Reconstruction Date

Continued reconstruction efforts under Manuel I

Military Activity

Roman Conquest

(No Date / Date Issue) Romans conquered original settlement

500 - 700

Other Conquest

Visigoth Conquest (dates relative to others in the Portuguese region)

700 - 1219

Muslim Conquest

Muslim controlled region (assumed start date based on regional dates)


Christian Reconquest

Reconquered by Perez de Badajoz "family riders" (Kingdom of Castile and Leon)


Other Conquest

Conquered by Portuguese forces

1383 - 12/30/1388

Succession Crisis

Governor attempts to undermine Beatriz of Portugal during Crisis of Succession; placed under siege by forces of Joao I of Portugal; returned to Portuguese control




First charter dates to 1260. Granted by the Bishop of the Diocese of Badajoz, Don Pedro Perez. Included coat of arms with the figure of Our Lady with a lamb and the motto "Sigillum Capituli Pacensis"


Treaty of Alcanizes

Brought into the dominion of Dinis I in the Treaty of Alcanizes with Fernando IV of Leon and Castile



Dinis I of Portugal grants Campo Maior a charter


Foral Novo Charter

Manuel I of Portugal grants the Foral Novo charter

Event Research by Brittany Forniotis

Fusion 360 Model by: Audrey Magnuson