Mirando do Douro

Transfers of Possession

Building Activity


Destruction Date

Village known to be defended by a castle that was destroyed during the Christian Reconquest


Reconstruction Date

Afonso I of Portugal took advantage of the peace between campaigns in Galicia to restore the castl e


Reconstruction Date

Either at the end of the reign of Afonso I of Portugal or during the reign of Sancho I of Portugal, a wall was built

1294 - 1298

Reconstruction Date

Dinis I of Portugal orders that the defenses of the village and castle be rebuilt. Construction ended 4 years later according to "Monarchia Lusytana", Fifth Part, 1650


Reconstruction Date

Improvements made to walls

Military Activity

Roman Conquest

(No Date) Earliest occupation dates to Roman conquest of Iberian Peninsula


Other Conquest

(No Date) Site successively conquered by Suevi and Visigothic invasions

12/31/0799 - 12/31/0800

Muslim Conquest

(Date Issue) Muslim Conquest occurred at the end of the 8th or beginning of the 9th century


Christian Reconquest

During the Christian Reconquest, the troops of Afonso I of Asturias had already reached the Douro River and the Salamanca-Segovia line. It is possible that they conquered the Muslim leadership at Miranda do Douro at this time

1200 - 12/31/1213

Castile or Leon Invasion

During the reigns of Sancho I of Portugal and his successor Afonso II of Portugal, Afonso IX of Leon devastated the lands of Miranda and occupied them from 1212 to 1213


Succession Crisis

Pedro Lourenço de Távora, mayor of Miranda, supported João I of Portugal during the succession crisis of 1383-1385, leading to repeated occupations by Castilian forces


Castile or Leon Invasion

Miranda attacked by the forces of the Master of the Order of Alcântara, Fernando Rodríguez de Villalobos




Afonso I of Portugal granted a charter to Miranda do Douro to increase the population in the region



Town confirmed by a charter in 1217 in Coimbra by D. Afonso II of Portugal



Dinis I of Portugal confirmed the town with another charter stipulating that it never leave the Crown's possession


Fernandine Wars

Miranda restored to Portugal by the Treaty of Alcoutim following the first Fernandine War


Treaty of Alcoutim

Miranda restored to Portugal by the Treaty of Alcoutim following the first Fernandine War



Charter established by João I of Portugal with measures to increase the population of Miranda for defensive purposes


Foral Novo Charter

Miranda receives Foral Novo from Manuel I of Portugal

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